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Corporate Healthcare Cost Containment


The crucial missing link from your claims payment system is an efficient audit of the very complex itemized statement to assure that you are paying accurate bills on one of your organizations largest expenses. Not only is The Federal government already doing it, we believe it would be fair to say that every other product or service that goes through your accounts payable department is not paid without assurance of accuracy.

Our Proprietary heuristic software formats the data on the itemized bill so medical doctors & compliance specialists can identify billing errors and remove the non billable charges.

Utilizing hospital Chargemaster procedure costs, as well as Federal data, and other parameters we then determine fair & reasonable pricing on every item/service on the itemized bill that has been determined to be billable. Click on www.thetruefacs.com and get the full story including our use of ERISA attorneys to defend our findings and get sign off.